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Outdoor Adventure Activities

Activites Package is the One Day Adventure Package
One Day Adventure Combo is the best option for your vacation in Rishikesh Uttarakhand will that offers you many activities in surrounding of nature.Rock climbing. Slithering, Net Climbing, Tyre wall, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Giant Swing, Hikers Zip line, Reverse Bungee, Superman Suit, Sky cycle, Multi Tower Activities, Rope course Level One (10 Activities), Rope course Level Two (10 Activities), Rope course Level Three (10 Activities), Rope course (30 Activities), Kid Adventure Activities Zone (Below 7 Years) That’s just the first activity that will be done in the morning. Then a delicious Snacks and soft drink. Than secend part of exiting River Rafting part of your day adventure trip.

Rs. 8250/- Per Person/Jump

Combo Package Bungy Jump Flying Fox And Giant Swing In Rishikesh

Rs. 6500/- Per Person/Jump

Combo Package Bungee Jumping Giant Swing At Rishikesh

Rs. 4750/- Per Person/Jump

Combo Package Flying Fox And Giant Swing In Rishikesh

Rs. 1450/- Per Person/Zipline

Zipline Flying Fox Adventure Activity In Rishikesh

Rs. 4400/- 10 mint Flying

Air Safari In Rishikesh (Kitty Hawk - 10-12 minutes Air Safari)

Rs. 4750/- Per Person/Jump

Combo Package Bungee Jumping And Flying Fox At Rishikesh

Rs. 950/- 100 Ball/Per Person

Paint Ball Activity In Rishikesh (Minimum 4 Person Required)

Rs. 1800/- Per Flying

Flying Fox Activity In Rishikesh 140 Kmph

Rs. 3550/- Per Jump/Person

Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh 83 Mts In Rishikesh

Rs. 3550/- Per Jump/Person

Giant Swing Activity In Rishikesh Jump Height - 83 Meters