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Almora Tourist Place

It's not the scenic beauty that drives tourists to Almora in large number, the hill station is also much popular for its cultural heritage. The town has been a crowd-puller also due to the range of cuisines it has to offer. Situated at 1,638 m above sea level, Almora is favorite destination for newly wedded couples or honeymooners. It's one of those tourist places that make the Kumaon region highly popular among travellers. Given below are some of the most visited tourist attractions you wouldn't want to miss while in Almora.

List of Almora Tourist Place

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum
This is one of the tourist destinations in Almora city situated closer to the Almora bus stand. The Pant museum attracts many people who visit to Almora. The museum equips historical and archeology related items which also draws the minds of the tourists in large. This is the only museum locate in Almora which going to be a must visit for tourists with the passage of time. The most famous "Apen" folk style of the region also installed in side the museum.

Nanda Devi Temple
Nanda Devi shrine is one of the major tourist attractions among the visitors. The area has been a place and patron of local god, goddess and deities. The temple also had a connection with the Chand dynasty. This old temple has immense respect and worthy as well. The temple is very holy and sacred for the locals who every day comes here for prayer. Images and statute on the walls of the temple also makes it so holy and beautiful to see.

Shiva Temple
Shiva temple is very popular among the tourists in Almora. This is the place where people never forget to take a holy visit. People in huge gatherings come here to take the blessings from the shrine. The temple is circled by the beautiful fur trees. As per the Hindu mythos says that the temple is devoted to the destroyer of the universe.

Almora Fort
Apart from visiting so many sacred temples and shrines one can also see those places that will remind of the medieval period. Almora fort is one of the destinations in Almora to visit. This fort was a asset for the Chand Dynast. After the India got freedom the fort is used as a District Collector's Office. The fort is situated at the highest point of Almora bazaar.

Chitai Temple
Chaitai temple is devoted to God Golu, the lord golu is worshipped by the inhabitants of Kumaon region. People visit this shrine with lots of hope, they wish to Lord Golu,and when they feel that their wish is fulfilled, they hang up a small bell with the ceiling of the temple. The place is very demanding and of extreme importance in Almora. This point also presents a magnificent view of mighty Himalaya.

Tamta Mohalla
The Tamta Mohalla is one of the ancient localities in Almora town and belonged to the coppersmiths. The place is noticeable because it kept alive the old traditional craft of the city. Moreover, there are still some best coppersmiths who work from Tamta Mohalla. You can take a stroll around the town to see and experience some great works of art and craft.