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Auli Tourist Place

'Good things come in small packages' aptly fits in with the beauty of Auli. Today, Uttarakhand is widely known for this beautiful tourist destination. During winters, Auli turns into a hub of activities. The skiing slopes of the place get packed with adventure lovers from all across the globe. Sightseeing is also a wonderful experience while visiting the town.

List of Auli Tourist Place

Kwani Bugyal
Kwani Bugyal is one of the famous attractive places in Auli Uttarakhand. Kwani Bugyal is situated at an aloofness of 12 kilo meters from Gusro Bugyal. Kwani Bugyal is the perfect destination trekking lovers, every year trekkers including the locals as well come here to enjoy trekking. This place is perched at an elevation of 3, 350 kilo meter above the sea level. Summers attract the tourist a lot each year. Trekking camps are held in Joshimath.

Trishul Peak
It's the most attractive peak in Auli which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The height of the Trishul Mountain is about 23, 490 ft above the sea level. Many other peaks in Auli including Trishul peak are used by the patrolling officers of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force for training. At the foot of the Trishul peak there is an attractive lake. The lake is also very popular as Mystery Lake as there were 600 skeletal remains of people and horses found.

Winter Ski Resort
Auli is popularly known as one of the famous winter ski spot. During the months of winter the slopes of Auli are covered with the snow around 3 meters deep. From January to March is the best time for skiing tourists to visit Auli. World class skiing courses facility also availed here from experienced to beginners. Accommodation facilities are also available here.

Nanda Devi National Park
At the place there are abundant of flora and fauna adding the Brahma Kamal and Bhara. Nanda Devi National Park is a great major tourist attraction for the tourists. The park is placed at a aloofness of 41 kilo meter from Auli. Only two groups of tourists are allowable to enter into the park in a day. Maximally 4 groups of people are granted for week.

Mundali is one of the popular tourist places in Auli. Here people can see the utmost beautiful natural vegetation. The area is confined by green forest on all sides. From this site tourist can also view the snow capped mountains of mighty Himalaya. The snow covered mountains attract tourists in large. Tourist must take a visit that come Auli.

Saildhar Tapovan
Saildhar is sited around fifteen kilo meters from Auli, placed on the Joshimath road. At Saildhar Tapovan people can enjoy taking bath in hot water springs; the site is famous for its hot-water-springs. If tourist will move a head can find the beautiful hot water fountain as well. Visitors can also make trips to Auli in Uttarakhand district to take the real benefits of their vacation.

Gusro Bugyal
This is the place where one can feast their eyes viewing the beautiful large meadows of the nature. Gusro Bugyal is just 3 kilo meters from here. The destination is surrounded by the different forests of oak and conifer, at a height of 3056 meter above sea level. Visitors can also use the ropeway to get to Joshimath, which lies at just 1.5 kilo meter from Gusro Bugyal.

Chattrakund is about 1 kilo meter from Gusro Bugyal which is located in the center of a forest. At this place you will see the beautiful lake of sweet water which is popularly known by the name of Chattrakund. Closest to the Gusru Bugyal, people can visit bothe the sites at a time Chattrakund and Gusru Bugyal.

Chenab Lake
This place is among the hidden treasures in Auli. But those who reach Auli do not forget to go there. This lake is in Dang village, the last one from Joshimath. The road conditions are not so well, but still people come here to enjoy the sheer beauty of this place.

Hanuman Lake
Hanuman Lake is popular for its primitive shrine. The temple is devoted to Hanuman Ji. It is deemed to be considered by the followers that Hanuman Ji took some rest at this place when he was in search of Sanjivani from Srilanka. This view of legends connects this temple to Ramayana.

Vishu Prayag
This is the place where two most sacred rivers meet together. The confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Dauli Ganga is a major crowd-puller.