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Chaukori Tourist Place

There are several tourist places in Uttarakhand known for their religious significance. Chaukori is one of those sites that have both natural and spiritual beauty. Whether you're a pilgrim or a traveler, you will never want to miss a visit to Chaukori and enrich your experience manifolds.

List of Chaukori Tourist Place

Patal Bhuvaneshwar
The charming Patal Bhuvaneshwar sited 38 kilo meters from Chaukori, Uttarakhand, India. The Patal shrine is situated inside a natural cave which is the most interesting thing about this place and attracts thousands of people from all parts of country. Patal temple is at a height of 1350 meters above the sea level. The temple lies while on the way to Gangolighat. This temple had been the abode of 33 crores Lords as believed by the people.

Gangolighat is famous for Hindu Goddess Kali. It is just 35 kilo meter from Chokuri. There is and old temple by the name of Hat-lalika whis is devoted to Kali. This is a valuable pilgrimage destination for pilgrims, devotees and tourists. The holiness of the site attracts thousands of tourists every year. The area is also remembered for local fairs as well. It is also a sacred center point of Kumaon region.

Berinag is viewed at an altitude of 1720 meters above the sea level. The site is located at a distance of 10 kilo meter from Chaukori. From this point one can view the mighty Himalayans and accessible by road. It was also very popular for its magnificent tea estates.

The space between Dharamghar and Chaukori is around 9 kilo meters only. One of the great women among the followers Mahatma Gandhi was Sarla Behn exhausted her last days. This place offeres you the opportunity to see the majestic peaks of beautiful Himalayan. Here you can feel the calm, fresh and pleasant environment all-round.

Baijnath Temple
Another well visited tourist attraction in and around the Chaukori is one of the most revered Temples, Baijnath. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims and tourists can also visit here from Kausani; Chaukori is 17 kilometers away from here. The shrine is about thousand years (1000) old. The statue and aesthetically designed stones are proofs that show the art of the ancient age. The carvings and beautiful statues divert people a lot annually. The temple is located on the sores of the river Gomti, and the complex of Baijnath dom was built by Katyuri kings.

Ghunsera Devi Temple
In Chaukori there are caves atop the hill which is known by the name of Ghunsera Caves, and Ghunsera Devi Temple is situated inside the caves. The pictures of goddess and Gods are settled there by the Khol Kings of the Kartikeya Pura. The two images among those are of the Gupta Period. The sanctity of the temple attracts tourists in large numbers.

Jayanti Temple Dhwaj
Jayanti temple is one of the tourist places in Chaukori where tourist comes to explore the past of the temples and ancient information. The dome is sited on the Didihat Road at the top of a hill. At a lower place around 200 meters there is a Shiva temple as well. From this point persons can also see the peaks of Namda Devi and Panchachuli. This is a benefit for the visitors who come here can reach both the shrines.