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Corbett National Park Tourist Place

Jim Corbett National Park is not only home to hundreds of mammalian, bird and plant species, but it also features a couple of other tourist attracts you would love to visit. Particularly, the Jim Corbett Museum is a major crowd puller for those who are interested in the life of hunter-turned-naturalist Jim Corbett. There are many other attractions in and around. Given below is a list of all the important attractions you should visit.

List of Corbett National Park Tourist Place

This is the key administrative body at Jim Corbett national Park. This is one of the biggest grassland of the park and placed in front of the Tourist Complex. While driving in the Chaur tourists can see the wild animals as chital, elephants, raptors, hog deer and different kinds of bird species. Dikhala is developed around 100 years back. At the place there is an old rest house which is a historical; body.

Sonanadi River
This is beautiful river which name was given after the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary is closer to the Corbett National Park. This is a significant part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The main meaning of the term Sonanadi is "river of gold". Sonanadi is one of the attractive attractions in Corbett.

Garjia Temple
There is a small hamlet of Gargia in which the shrine of Garjia is situated. A large peace of rock is located in the middle of the Kosi River, at this place the temple is constituted. The name of the temple was given as Grgia Devi after the Goddess passed away. This is the Goddess Parvati who also famous by the name of Garjia here. After the discovery of the Idol of the deity the local people constructed the temple of Garjia Devi.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park has a rich popularity across the country. The main reason of its popularity is the magnificent work performed by the conservationist and the writer Jim Corbett. Jim Corbett was a great writer who is the establisher of the park. This extensive park was developed in the year 1936 and one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. By taking the help of the World Wildlife fund the park was brought under the consideration of aegis of Project Tiger in 1973.

Corbett Wildlife Museum
The museum is comprises of heads of animals like tigers and elephants in glass boxes. The museum also places those tigers and animals were killed in fight in past. It also consist of those thins that show cases the life of Jim Corbett. Tourist can also buy literature relating to the park and about the wildlife from Dhangarhi shop. Tourist can get the entry into the museum through Dhangarhi Gate.

This is a famous destination to view the beautiful birds. Sitabani is a peaceful place for tourists. The site is also famous as a river and temple. Tourists who walk inside the forest can take rest at the banks of the river. At this place one can also see different types of reptiles. The place is considered as a paradise for bird watchers. Apart from that the area is also a home for wild animals like tiger, elephants and so on.