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Dhanaulti Tourist Place

Also spelt Dhanolti, Dhanaulti lies in close vicinity of two most popular Hill Stations in Uttarakhand - Mussoorie and Chamba. Dhanaulti is also a much visited hill station that keeps attracting both locals as well as outsiders throughout the year. Dhanaulti remains tucked away at 2286 m above sea level. The serene landscapes of Dhanaulti are the biggest crowd-puller for tourists. Given below is a list of all the most frequented tourist attractions in the Dhanaulti region. For more information, you can get in touch with our travel advisors.

List of Dhanaulti Tourist Place

Dashavatar Temple
The Dashavatar Temple is an ancient shrine was constructed by the Gupta Empire. The Lord which is installed inside the temple is Lord Vishnu. The temple also popularly known as the Panchyatan shrine of North India. The walls of the temple from three sides are beautifully chipped which describes about the mythos of Vaishnava. These walls of the temple had three carved panels are the Gajendramoksha panel, the Nar Narayan Tapsaya, Anantshayi Vishnu. These three panels are clearly shows the Vaishnava mythology.

Deogarh Fort
This is one of the most famous Fort and popular destination among the tourists. This popular fort is located in Dhanaulti region. The Deogarh fort was built in the century 16th closer to the Pratapgarh. This fort includes ornamented palaces and artistic Jain temples. Whenever tourist comes to Dhanaulti they must take a visit to Deogarh fort.

Eco Park
This is a new park made by DFO and by the coordination of Dhanaulti inhabitants. The Eco Park is well decorated with deodar trees all around. Apart from that there are two more parks in Dhanaulti Amber and Dhara at a distance of 200 meters. The entire area is maintained by forest division of Garhwal region. To enter into the park visitors pay a fee of Rs. 15 for elders and Rs. 10 for children.

Surkanda Devi Temple
After covering a distance of 8 kilo meters tourist can visit one of the most worshipped temple of Surkanda. The shrine is devoted to the Lady Goddess Parvati Devi. The locals pay utmost respect for Devi Parvati. The temple is perched at elevation of 1000 ft. tourist will need a trek of 1.5 kilo meter to reach atop the temple. Surkanda Devi temple is a part of Devi Darshan triangle combining Chandrabadni and Kunjapuri. From Surkanda temple tourist can view the Himalayan region Garhwal and Dehradun mountains etc.

Jain Temples
There are several Jain Temples are placed inside the Kanali fort of Dhanaulti. The region has also been used as the Jain Center from 6th century to 17th century, during that time 31 Jain temples were contracted. Theses still remained the mythological importance, Tirthankara images, votive pillars, votive tablets and so forth. Jain temples are one of the attractions in Dhanaulti for tourists.

Matatila Dam
Matatila Dam is one of the tourist attractions in Dhanaulti. It is also popular picnic spot for tourists and locals in the region. The Dam is situated in the middle of Dhanaulti hills. At this place one can also enjoy the water activities.