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Haridwar Tourist Place

The sacred town of Haridwar has big surprises in store for you. While visiting the town, you can definitely enrich your overall travel experience in Uttarakhand. There's so much to see that you may also feel overwhelmed. However, each single site that you go to will impact you in one way or another. There are temples to see. There are ashrams that you can visit. There's scenic beauty that you can soak up. And there's pristine wildlife that you can explore. Even shopping and eating in this holy town is an experience in itself.

List of Haridwar Tourist Place

Given below is a list of all those popular places that you'd never want to miss. Make sure you have all of these on your travel itinerary, so that you can enjoy your Haridwar tour to the maximum.

Chandi Devi Temple
It's located at a high altitude, atop the Neel Parvat. One of the most sacred in Haridwar, the Chandi Devi temple was built back in the year 1929 by the King of Kashmir Suchat Singh. Rive Gange passes by the temple.

Mansa Devi Temple
Mansa Devi is recognized as the goddess of power. Since it's one of the most frequented religious sites, tourists will need to stand in a queue for getting blessed with a darshan of the goddess.

Maya Devi Temple
The temple of Maya Devi boasts an ancient history, dating back to 11th century. Anyone who travels to Haridwar finds it mandatory (religiously) to pay a visit to this temple and seek the blessings of Maya Devi.

Har ki Pauri
When it comes to seeking spiritual peace, it's Har Ki Pauri where pilgrims, rishis and saints travel to. It's one of those significant sites that support the claim of Uttarakhand being the abode of gods.

Parad Shivling
This is a Mercury Shivalinga (the holy symbol of Lord Shiva). While in Haridwar, tourists never forget to make a visit to this place of high religious significance. The shivalinga is located inside the huge compound of Harihar Ashram.

Bharat Mata Mandir
This temple is yet another popular tourist place in Haridwar. The Bharat Mata Temple celebrates the bravery of Indian freedom fighters. It has eight floors or stories (each focusing on a specific theme).

Daksha Mahadev Temple
Also called the Daksha Temple, it is situated at 4 km from the town of Haridwar. The place where it stands is known as Kankhal. The history of the temple dates back to 1810 AD. Also enjoy scenic walks around Kankhal.

Bhimgoda Tank
It's a holy tank, situated at a distance of 300 m from the town of Haridwar. The tank drives its name from Bhim, a legendary character mentioned in the popular Hindu epic Mahabharat. It's beautifully surrounded by fountains.

Sapt Rishi Ashram
One of the most popular tourist sites in Haridwa, the Sapt Rishi Ashram stands on the Haridwar-Rishikesh Road. From Har Ki Pauri, you need to cover a distance of only five kilometers to reach the place.

Shanti Kunj Ashram
Its official name is Shri Ved Mata Gayatri Trust. The worldwide popularity of Shanti Kunj is because of its teachings on how to live a completely satisfied and happy life. It has a research center, sanatorium and laboratory.

Pawan Dham Temple
The temple is not just religiously sacred, but it also features great aesthetic designs and carvings that tourists really like. In fact, the overall architectural appearance of the temple is window to the rich Indian heritage.

Chilla - Rajaji National Park
Apart from giving you an insight into Hinduism, Haridwar also satiates your thirst for wildlife adventure. Covering around 820 sq km, the Rajaji National Park is home to around 23 mammalian and 315 avian species.