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How To Reach Chaukori

Though you can also arrive at the closest airport (Pantnagar) and take a taxi from there to reach Chaukori, road or train travel is more preferable options of reaching. Most of the well-known cities and towns of Uttarakhand connect to the town of Chaukori.

Reach Chaukori By Air
Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airways to the town of Chaukori. From Chaukori the aloofness is around 250 kilo meters. Pantnagar airport offers the availability of transportation to many towns such as Chaukori, Bageshwar and Almora. Taxis are available at the airport; one can hire taxis to get their desired location.

Reach Chaukori By Rail
The nearest railway station to the city is located in the hamlet of Kathgodam. From Chaukori town is situated at a distance 198 kilo meters from the closest rail head Kathgodam. From the railway station you can hire private cars or can get buses to reach Chaukori. Trains are also there from capital city Delhi to Kathgodam on a daily basis. The general class will charge around 146 and 860 for the air conditioned coaches.

Reach Chaukori By Road
Tourists can reach Chaukori by bus, the major and well known cities are well connected with the town. Buses are also available from the nearer places like Haldwani and Almora. Apart from the state buses, pilgrims can also catch buses from other states of India such as Delhi and Nainital. The distance between Chaukori and Nainital is around 480 kilo meters. If you are traveling from Nainital to Chaukori you may be charged nearly Rs. 280 to 300 for general class.

Buses from Kathgodam are also available to reach Almora and from Almora to Chaukori. Other major cities which provide the transportation facility for Chaukori include, Almora, Pithoragarh, Kausani, Didihat and so many among others. Night buses also ready to leave from Delhi to Almora which requires a ten hour (10 hr) journey.