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Khirsu Tourist Place

Uttarakhand has long been known for its religious history. Khirsu is one of those tourist places that provide window to the rich Hindu tradition. From one corner to the other, there are multiple places to see and enjoy. Given below are some of the most visited attractions in the town.

List of Khirsu Tourist Place

Deval Garh
This place is situated around 15 kilo meters away from Khirsu. A discovery of the 14 century, this place served as the capital of Garhwal. Later on, it was shifted to Srinagar. Here, people can visit the holy shrine of goddess Raj Rajeshwai, also depicting the rich artistic skills of the region Garhwal. This temple is a main attraction for tourists visiting Khirsu. People from every part of the country as well as locals come here to offer prayer to and get the blessings of the goddess Raj Rajeshwai.

Dhari Devi
According to the Hindu traditions, this place is highly revered as the sidh peeth of Hindu Goddess Kali. Dhari Devi is located about 30 kilo meters off from Khirsu along the Sirinagar-Badrinath highway. This area has occupied its place on the banks of River Alakhnanda. Visitors who come here also enjoy the beautiful view of the Alakhnanda River.

Ulka Ghari
A two kilo meter drive can easily take you to the Ulka Ghari site or you can also get there via an easy 2 kilometers trek. Ulka ghari is perched at an elevation 1900 kilometers asl. From here, pilgrims and visitors can see the gorgeous look of mighty Himalayan and Misty valleys. The location offers the perfect view of Himalaya as well as refreshing and cool atmosphere. The majestic vies of mountains and valleys attracts to the tourist very much.

A part of the Pauri district, Pauri is at a distance of just 19 kilometers from Khirsu. It is located at a height of 1815 meters above the sea level on the northern side of the Knadoliya peaks. The snow-capped mountains is a great and pleasing sight for the nature lovers and sightseers. The fascinating and charming views draw the minds of the people from the every corner of Globe.

The area has gained popularity by the name of the Lord Kandoliya. At this region there is a Kandoliya Temple devoted to Kandoliya Devta. The dome of Kandoliya Devta is sited on the Pauri-Lansdowne road. The most important and interesting thing about this place is that the Asia's highest stadium atop of this mountain which is the key attraction of tourists. Apart from this one can also view the charming beauty of Gangwarsyun valley and Himalayan peaks.

Kyunkaleshwar Mahadav Temple
It is a must-see destination near Khirsu for visitors. This is an old temple in Khirsu, constructed in the late 8th century. The Mhadava shrine includes many lords as Shiva, Parvati, Ganapathi, Karthikeya, Ram, Sita, Lakshman etc. This is a worth-visiting destination for the pilgrims who arrive in Uttarakhand.